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AirTite Coin Capsules 10 Pack 1/10 oz Gold/Platinum

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Air-Tite Coin Capsules Pack
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All Air-Tite holders are manufactured using acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent. The end product is a highly durable, crystal clear two piece, snap together, friction fit cover and base. None of the components of these materials contain any PVC. The holders are highly durable and scratch resistant. They are direct fit and do not use foam to hold the coin in place.

If you order a QTY of 1-9 Packs they are partially assembled and professionally bagged with a quantity of 10 capsules per bag. **Silver Bar Capsules are packaged 6/bag NOT 10.
If you order 10-24 Packs per size they are bulk packaged and bulk bagged.
If you order 25 Packs per size they are bulk priced and shipped by the case only with 25 tops and 25 bottoms per layer with thin foam sheets between each layer and boxed.
  • 10 Capsules per Pack except BAR.
  • Archival Quality PVC Free
  • Highly durable & Crystal Clear
  • Direct fit snap together design NO FOAM required
  • Designed exactly for each denomination
  • **Note: Severely worn coins may not fit as snugly as an UNC coin.

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