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US 90% Silver Coinage - Pre 1965 - Junk Silver

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90% silver coins are very popular among serious silver investors. The 90% silver coinage, sometimes referred to as junk silver as the coins are the pre-1965 US dimes, quarters and halves. These bags of silver coins usually contain a mix of denominations like dimes and quarters. The US Mint stopped using 90% silver in its dimes, quarters, and half dollars in 1965, meaning 1964 was the last year any of these silver coins were made of 90% silver. Historically, 90% silver coins have been one of the cheapest ways to invest in silver. However, in recent years, the premium both investors and collectors have been willing to pay has increased significantly. Some of these pre-1965 silver coins have significant collector value although most individuals simply purchase them for their silver content. Hard core gold and silver bugs believe that in a catastrophic breakdown in society brought about by reckless money printing and excessive debt, that American 90% silver coins might provide much needed relief as 'real money' to buy basic food and services during that crisis period. 90% junk silver is a great way to invest in silver and especially given that these coins are no longer produced may add some additional benefit of becoming more valuable in the distant future as collectible items in addition to the silver content. These pre-1965 silver coins are NOT IRA eligible.

Mint United States Mint
Year Any Year
Country United States
Weight $1 FV
Purity 900
Status Active

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